I.E. Drive Sonoma

  • Jul 7, 2016

Start your engines! Learn how E Group provided services that led to lifelong memories for our clients.



In a collaborative partnership, E Group and Daikin Applied created an incentive program for Daikin sales reps and rep firms to drive Intelligent Equipment™ sales. The winning rep office received an incredible opportunity to attend the Toyota Save Mart 350 at Sonoma Raceway in Sonoma, California.

It was a pleasure to work with Daikin and have the opportunity to host the winning team throughout an entire weekend of events in Sonoma. E Group was able to provide a number of different services to make the weekend a success!

Upon arrival in Sonoma, E Group and the representatives from Daikin held a reception at the Hilton Sonoma Wine Country Hotel to get to know each other and discuss the rest of the weekend’s itinerary. More importantly, this reception provided an opportunity for Daikin executives to thank Norman S. Wright Climatec for their support and winning sales efforts. The guests were provided with Daikin branded backpacks, Under Armor polo shirts, and an Under Armor hat to sport while at the track, as well as race day necessities like snacks and earplugs.

Sunday was an action-packed day full of once-in-a-lifetime experiences at Sonoma Raceway. E Group worked with our connections to secure special meet and greets with Martin Truex Jr., driver of the Furniture Row Racing #78, and Kyle Turner, a pit crew member who works on the #6 driven by Trevor Bayne and the Roush Fenway Racing team. Our guests from Daikin enjoyed this exclusive chance to ask questions about racing and get the inside scoop on the sport. In addition to meeting Martin and Kyle, E Group provided our guests from Daikin with Hot Passes, a garage tour, and a group suite with terrace seats.

After the meet and greets, we felt invested in the two teams throughout the race and we found ourselves cheering for their success during the Toyota Save Mart 350. We were on our feet in excitement as we watched Martin Truex Jr. come in 5th place and Trevor Bayne finish 25th! We were pleased with the end of the race as it was special to watch Tony Stewart cross the finish line first at his final race in Sonoma!

E Group and Daikin Applied paired up to create a social media campaign around the weekend’s festivities. Our guests from Daikin were also encouraged to share their memories and photos using the hashtag #ieDriveSonoma.

After a wonderful dinner sponsored by Norman S. Wright Climatec, it was time to say goodbye to an incredible weekend in Sonoma.

The partnership between E Group and Daikin Applied worked seamlessly throughout the entire incentive program, planning process, and weekend events. E Group enjoyed the opportunity to host this weekend for the winners of the I.E. Drive sales incentive program, and our guests were pleased with the high quality service they received.

“Job well done!! You made the trip enjoyable, very professional and your concern for our experience was sincere. Our "all-access" Hot passes will surely spoil us for future events. Paul & Wes, appreciate your efforts as well. Always good to get to hang out in a non-work environment and get to know each other personally outside of the office. Great weekend, thanks again!"
Roger R., Norman S. Wright Climatec

Author: Elizabeth Boeder

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